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  • Yohimbe Male Activator

    Yohimbe Male Activator
    Yohimbe Male Activator
    60 caps
    H&F.com Price: $ 19.95

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    Product Description...Read Details Here
    All Natural Yohimbe Improves Sexual Performance
    From the bark of the tree with the same name which is native to Africa, has been commonly used in Europe as an aphrodisiac. The active alkaloid, yohimbine bitartrate, is the component of the only allopathic medicines known to cause erection in impotent males. The medical texts never mention that it does the same thing to women, showing a typical disregard for female erection.

    Yohimbine bitartrate particularly affects nerves and changes blood flow regulators in the genital area and can cause a tingling sensation in the genitals.

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