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  • Lean & Clean Herbal Cleans

    Lean Clean
    Lean & Clean Herbal Cleansing
    100 caps
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    Product Description:

    LEAN AND CLEAN Herbal Water Loss and Cleansing Formula :

    Lean & Clean Herbal Water Loss & Cleansing Formula 100 caps You're working out and eating right, but sometimes you still feel a little heavy- what next? Lean & Clean contains a special combination of herbs that help get rid of extra water and even help you shed fat a little faster. The kelp in Lean & Clean provides naturally occurring iodine, important for thyroid function. Bodybuilders, dieters, or anyone trying to get a little leaner can benefit from Lean & Clean. Clean up your act with SNS Lean & Clean.

    Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 capsule Amount Per Serving % Daily Values*
    Proprietary Blend 470 mg.
    Papaya (fruit) *
    Echinacea (root) *
    Black Walnut (leaves) *
    Fennel (seeds) *
    Parsley (plant) *
    Norwegian Kelp (plant) *
    Safflower (flowers) *
    Burdock (root) *
    Chickweed (herb) *
    Hawthorn (berries) *
    Cayenne (fruit) * *

    Daily Value Not Established Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, orally, adults, take one or two capsules twice a day with water or juice.

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